135 Kgs. Heroin powder recovered from the consignment of Onion stuffed in 40 ft refrigerated container destination to Port Klang, Malaysia


Karachi (PR): During thorough examination of the export consignments conducted by the Customs Officers at East Wharf field of Model Customs Collectorate of exports, Karachi 125 container destined to Port Klang Malaysia.

According to the details a 40 feet refrigerated container n. TRIU-8468541 containing onion stuffed in 5,400 bags of 5 kg each having gross weight of 28 matrix tons was brought for export to Malaysia at Pakistan international Container Terminal (PICT). Scrutiny of the documents presented to Customs Officers for examination on the evening of 9th May 2012 indicated suspicion as the exporters as well as clearing agent were new in the field of exports. During detailed examination, it was found that some bags in the container had onion like yellow and purple colored pouches, which on opening, contained Brown Heroin concealed inside covered with solution tape and balloons. All 5400 bags were de-stuffed and thoroughly examined. As a result of detailed examination, 830 pouches were recovered, each having weight Heroin powder. The total weight of the Heroin was found to be 125 Kgs. (gross).

Scrutiny of the documentation revealed that the exporter M/s Yasoob Agencies had brought goods for export from PICT for the first time. The Profile of the clearing agent M/s Al-Muqtadir Services (CHAL No. 2584) also indicated that they had previously been dealing arrested. Initial investigation indicated that consignment was handed over to clearing agent by two person namely Azhar and Jaffar. After detection of the case by customs, cell phones of these person were found switched off. Arrested persons informed that the stuffing of the said container took place at Janjal Goth Warehouse located near New Subzi Mandi, Super Highway, Karachi.

FIR has been lodged accordingly and further investigations are underway to apprehend the culprits.