Abdullah hopes US would continue its support for Afghan govt


KABUL: Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah has expressed hope that the United States would continue its support for the afghan government.

He said this at an event to launch a bid for $550 million in international humanitarian aid for Afghanistan.

Abdullah pointed towards Trump’s telephone conversation with the US forces in Bagram and pledging support to their presence and fight against terrorism.

He said the commitment by President Trump was made considering the bilateral relations between Kabul and Washington which is based on principles and strong pillars of the mutual interests of the two nations.

The Chief Executive further added that he is hopeful that the relations and cooperation between the two countries will further enhance under the administration of President Trump.

Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Friday during a ceremony which was attended by thousands of people in Washington.

During a telephone conversation with President Ghani earlier in December last year, Trump had vowed to help unearth Afghanistan’s massive natural resources which include some of the world’s rare earth elements.

He had also pledged support to review Kabul’s requirements in security related issues and assist the Afghan government accordingly.