Action against 142 profiteers for selling expensive goods , Fruit seller, meat grocer, milk, bakery, poultry and other items fined Rs 395,000 – Commissioner Karachi


KARACHI: Commissioner Karachi Naveed Ahmed Sheikh has directed all Deputy Commissioners to make the campaign against shopkeepers effective. In the ongoing operation against illegal profiteers on the direction of Commissioner Karachi, the action was taken against 142 profiteers on Tuesday in which action was taken against food items including milk, fruits, vegetables, poultry groceries, meat, flour, bakery. A fine of Rs. 395,000 was imposed on the taxpayer. According to the details, action was taken against 27 milk sellers, 26 fruit sellers, 25 vegetable sellers, 26 poultry sellers, and 22 grocers, in which Rs. A fine of Rs 68,000 was imposed on the owners and Rs 21,000 on the bakers. The commissioner directed all the deputy commissioners to continue the campaign against illicit profiteers for the availability of food items and enforcement of government rates. He said that all officers should stay in the field to check the prices and take legal action against illicit profiteers. Take action. He asked the Deputy Commissioners to monitor themselves to ensure that the campaign against illicit profiteers proves to be effective. Action is being taken against illicit profiteers in all the districts of Karachi on the direction of the Commissioner.

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