Islamabad: Sardar Masood Khan, President Azad Jammu and Kashmir has said that the youth of today are the future leaders of Pakistan who will forge the destiny of this nation. He said that with dedication and passion Pakistan will be among the top 10 countries of the world by 2050.

The President made these remarks while addressing the 19th Convocation of Bahria University Islamabad here in the federal capital. The President was the chief guest on the occasion.

President Masood Khan congratulated the students, their parent and faculty on the successful completion of their academic studies. He highlighted the need to uphold merit and competence. He said that today is a day of achievement and accomplishment which marks a major milestone in their lives.

While speaking to the participants, the President said that to make Pakistan into a great nation we must demonstrate professional and academic excellence. He added we must strive and contribute to the development of Pakistan. He said that with international exposure our students will be able to compete with their global peers.

Underlining the importance developing the highest standards of morality and ethics, the President said that we must focus on character building. He said that by showing faith in the Almighty and in ourselves, we can achieve spiritual salvation by selflessly serving our society and people. Integrity and honesty to oneself can help be our moral compass and navigate us through the turbulent waters of life.

The President said that by acquiring modern education we can ensure that our graduates will be able absorbed in the ever growing and challenging job market. Being global citizens, he urged the students to take up global responsibilities and work for holistic peace and prosperity. He said that students must achieve academic excellence through handwork and perseverance, because there are no shortcuts in life.

Speaking to the participants the President highlighted the atrocities taking place in Indian Occupied Kashmir and how our brothers and sisters have been made prisoners in their homeland. He said we here in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir are free while innocent Kashmiris in IOK are being subjected to the barbarity of the Indian forces. “Every single day the people of IOK are being murdered, maimed torture and imprisoned. Their womenfolk are subjected to sexual violence and dishonoured with impunity”, he said.

President Masood Khan said that we must raise our voices for the Kashmiris and expose India’s atrocities and human right violations to the world. He urged the students to use the #KashmirMatters trend on the social media networks to help create awareness over this grave issue.

The President said that Pakistan and AJK are on the cusp of an economic revolution and Pakistan is destined to be an economic power not only in the region but the world. He said by adopting good governance measures like access to justice, accountability, transparency and upholding merit we can achieve sustainable growth and prosperity.

He informed the audience that AJK is rapidly developing with emphasis on constructing new roads, establishing new industries, focusing on power generation, providing universal access to quality health and education, modernizing agriculture and promoting tourism. He said soon AJK will have its own tourism corridor that will pass through all the scenic sites. He invited the participants to come to AJK and witness the beauty and progress. “AJK will be an economic engine for Pakistan and will no longer be a liability but an asset”, he said.

The event was attended by Vice Admiral (Rtd.) Muhammad Shafiq, Rector Bahria University; Rear Admiral Shahid Saeed, Pro-Rector Bahria University; Commodore Hashim, Registrar; Faculty Deans, teaching staff, students and their parents. (add our WhatsApp No. +923132434567/editor@enewspaper.com.pk)