Karachi (PR): All Pakistan CNG Association has very high reservations on FORCED CLOSURE of CNG by SSGC for TWO (02) Days in SINDH. This is a Conspiracy against the CNG Sector. All Pakistan CNG Association is unable to understand where the gas is going. Yesterday the Commissioner Karachi, called the APCNGA and requested us that CNG stations must be open in larger public interest. Dr. Asim has been reported to visit stations and forced owners to operate at loss.  Now when all stations opened yesterday and agreed to operate on Loss till the Supreme Court Order on the 19th, deliberately stations are being closed today through low pressure, as a result 50% of the stations are shutdown in Karachi on account of no gas from SSGC. Further, SSGC has announced 48hr closure from Wednesday instead of their regular schedule.  What double standards is this? Do they really care for the public? or just working for bad publicity for the CNG Station Owners and hardship for the public.