All Pakistan Corrugated Carton Manufaturer Association


Meeting of Executive Committee of All Pakistan Corrugated Cartons Manufacturers Association, Sultan Chisti, Masroor Mirzar, Syed Zia ul Hassan,   Zafar Rehman and Waseem Yousuf also seen in the picture.

KARACHI: There was a meeting of Executive Committee of All Pakistan Corrugated Cartons Manufacturers Association with the patronage of Mr Sultan Chisti, Patron-in-Chief was held in a hotel to formulate the future strategy of APCCMA to run the affairs of Association in a smooth manner. It was decided that a General Body Meeting will be called in near future and take the burning matters of Cartons Industry to resolve with the concerned Govt authorities and high ups.

Founding Chairman, Mr Muhammad Masroor Mirzar, All Pakistan Corrugated Cartons Manufacturers Association, has urged the Federal Ministry of Finance and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) immediate revision of SRO 1125(10/2011, said that it is hitting the registered suppliers of packaging material hard.
Chairman, APCCMA stressed that all such Regulatory and Custom duties have to be reconsidered and drastically brought down with a view to encourage industrial production and ease the inflation. In this regard, the SRO 1125(10)/201 have to be reconsidered to consultation with APCCMA.
The patron-in-chief APCCMA Sultan Chisti while addressing on this occasion recognized the efforts of Masroor Mirza and said that he truly deserved to be the Founding Chairman because he played a leading role to complete all the legalities and formalities to achieve the license and register it with Federal Govt. Ministry. He also urged the Managing Committee Members to participate in all the meetings. He also requested cartons manufacturers all over Pakistan to become members of APCCMA and use this forum to address all the issues and resolve their genuine problems.
Syed Zia ul Hassan, Sr. Vice Chairman, Mr Zafar Rehman, Vice Chairman, Mr Waseem Yousuf, Mr Kamran Yousuf, Executive Committee Members also exchange their views in this occasion.