All Pakistan Muslim League – Perveez Musharaf


KARACHI: Expressing grief over the losses of 1700 lives in this year, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) has made federal and provincial governments responsible for this, saying that all governments became failed in assurance of better law and order situations in all over the country.

In a statement issued here from central information secretariat, AasiaIshaque, central secretary information APML said that external and internal elements are engaged in creating of ethnic and religious conflicts in the country, innocent lives are becoming the soft target of them.

She said that killing of 1700 lives means; hidden evil hands have paralyzed 1700 families while people of the country are already facing many crises in shape of electricity and CNG loadshedding, joblessness, price hike, lack of standard education, lack of basic health facilities etc.

She said that ration of killings has been increased about 200 percent in comparison of Pervez Musharraf’s era, now people are realizing that Pervez Musharraf was real leader of the country.

“Keeping in view this bloodshed situation, it could be say that Government is not existing in the country and innocent people have bee murdered on daily basis in every nook and corner of the country including Karachi and Gilgit-Baltistan”, AasiaIshaque further said.

She said that due to worst law and order situation, existing foreigners are leaving the country and many foreign investors are not taking interest in investing in our county, resulting economical conditions are going to be bad day bay day, she added.

She said that Pervez Musharraf himself worked hard for the foreign investment and welcomed every foreigner in the country with provision of all kind of facilities.

APML leader said that only APML chief can pull out the country from this very bad condition and he can put all things on right path.

She said that APML is working hard for the betterment of people and would contest next election from every seat of national and provincial and would won the election with overwhelming support of masses.