Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan Will Present Commendation Certificates to Pakistanis on Account of Remittances Sent to Pakistan


Karachi (PR): “In order to honour the community members who send their hard earned money to Pakistan by legal channels, a special ceremony will be held at the Embassy on 5th July at 3:00 p.m. and all those who have sent remittance to Pakistan to the tune of US$ 15,000/- in a calendar year will be awarded commendation certificates”, announced Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan.

Members of Pakistani community who have registered record of their remittances with the Community Welfare Wing of the Embassy will be called by the Embassy to receive their commendation certificates from Ambassador Jamil Ahmed Khan. The persons who have not yet submitted receipts of the money remitted to Pakistan along with their personal details, may do it prior to start of the ceremony on 5th July.