Ameer Jamaat-e Islami Karachi Muhammad Hussain Mahenti


JI condemns increase in power tariff, terming it a manifest of enmity to the masses

KARACHI: JULY 28, 2012.  Ameer Jamaat-e Islami Karachi Muhammad Hussain Mahenti while expressing his grave concern on unchecked rise in prices of essential goods condemned increasing the electricity tariff and declared the decision was a portrayal of deliberate injustice to the poverty-driven and crime-hit people of the city.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, Mahenti said that the increase in electricity tariff was uncalled for and it was the responsibility of the government to keep the National Electric and Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) within its limits and should not impose tyrant decisions on the people at a time when the government had only a few months left for its tenure to complete.

He said that by increasing the electricity tariff, the trade and economic activities that were already declined to an alarming level would further get squeezed and would lead to unemployment, poverty rate and would cause the already high prices of the essential commodities to rise to the skies.

He said that the recent increase in power tariff by Rs1.60 per unit of electricity consumed was a true manifest of the government to the poor masses.

He said that the load shedding had already wreaked havoc on trade and industrial activities while the power utility had already extorted money through sending the highly inflated electricity bills but the government had yet hiked the electricity tariff, which was unacceptable.

He demanded the government to immediately withdraw the recent rise in the power tariff and review the power tariff and bring them to a justified level.

Ramadan a source of attaining piety: Naseem Siddiqui

KARACHI: JULY 28, 2012. Jamaat-e Islami Karachi General Secretary Naseem Siddiqui has said that fasting and other engagements in the holy month of Ramadan were the basis of inner purification and helps attaining the piety. These engagements were meant for special training and providing opportunities for attaining endurance and courage to face the hardships.

He was addressing an Iftar Party held at North Nazimabad under the aegis of JI yesterday.

The prime purpose of Ramadan was to accept Allah’s subjugation and lead the life in accordance with the commandments He had laid in the holy Quran, which were solely for the benefits of the Muslims.

He said that the reward of the fast could not be imagined as Allah Almighty had said that the fasting was for Him and He would bless the Muslims for keeping fast. Hence, the holy month of Ramadan was an opportunity to get purified, cleansed of sins and become pious and ultimately please The Creator, Allah.

He said that those who ignored the importance of the holy month of Ramadan were in fact the loser.

He said that while the society was being inflicted with nudity and vulgarism, the Muslims had been avoiding their duty for stopping that unethical, immoral and anti-Islam trends and practices from the society.

He said that the practices done in the holy month of Ramadan should be followed in other 11 months, thus the entire year should be led by the piety attained in this month.