American couple to make documentary on positive aspects of Pakistan


LAHORE: An American couple who is travelling the world on a peace mission has reached Lahore.

The couple not only visited the historical places of Lahore but also the narrow streets of walled city to strengthen the relationship of trust and love between the citizens of both countries.

The purpose of their trip is to endorse positive aspects of Pakistan along with promoting tourism.

The couple, who came to Pakistan to see the reasons behind misunderstandings and hatred of western countries regarding Pakistan, said their experience has been completely opposite to what they had been told before.

The Americans also run a peace organization and became prime minister’s guests as well.

The tourists spent quality time with their Pakistani host and also celebrated birthday of one of them.

The guest couple has visited three Asian countries so far and wants to make a documentary film in collaboration with Dunya TV to share their wonderful experience of Pakistan with others.