APML demanded to ECP to look in to the decision of reserving the rights of vote of OP


KARACHI: All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) on Thursday has urged the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to look in to the decision of reserving the rights of vote of overseas Pakistanis, demanded sooner revision of this kind of decision based on injustice with millions of Pakistanis living far from their beloved families.

AasiaIshqaue, Central Secretary Information said this in a statement issued here from central information secretariat that ECP had decided a few days back that 4 million overseas Pakistanis will not be able to exercise their right to vote from their country of residence.

“Overseas Pakistanis are the backbone of country’s economy, they are living abroad just to make better their family lives and economical health of the country despite many hurdles so that they should be allowed to caste their votes in next general election in order to choose their favorite political parties and leaders” she urged.

She said that ECP’s reason behind this decision was “legal hurdles and the unavailability of an adequate voting mechanism” saying that Government is bound to provide all kind of legal and technical assistance to ECP as all Pakistanis living in country or abroad can caste their votes.

She said that vote is fundamental right of every Pakistani according to constitution so that any government can’t snatch this constitutional right from any body with showing very minor reasons.

Aasia said that ECP’s team, with hard working had registered 4 million overseas voters spread across 106 countries, which step raise hopes in the hearts and minds of said Pakistanis so if ECP would not reverse its recent decision, this would bring sense of deprivation among overseas Pakistanis, she added.

She said that government use to earn billions of rupees in the head of remittances which is possible only because of hard working of our 4 million Overseas Pakistanis so they all should be rewarded with right of casting votes in next general election.

APML leader said that next general election would be crucial for the country as people are now more aware and they would use their votes for right political parties and leaders.

She said that vote of overseas Pakistanis would bring real change in the political scenario of country so that ECP should look in to its decision and reverse it without any delay.