Around 108 mln individuals administered COVID-19 vaccines so far , NCOC told

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ISLAMABAD, (APP): The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on Thursday was informed that 108 million people had been administered the COVID-19 vaccine across the country with the national vaccination average reaching 48% in all the federating units.

The NCOC morning session was held here participated by National Coordinator NCOC Major General Zafar Iqbal along with SAPM on Health Dr. Faisal Sultan and Chairman NDMA.

The forum was apprised on the vaccine administration progress across the country with particular emphasis on obligatory vaccination regime.

The forum was briefed that the vaccine administered in the federating units showed Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) leading with 59% inoculation of the eligible population followed by Gilgit Baltistan 54%, Punjab 52%, KP 48%, Sindh 40%, and Balochistan 17%.

The forum appreciated all federating units in reaching out to the population and facilitation of necessary vaccine administration.

Expressing satisfaction on non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) implementation and the national immunization management system, the forum emphasized reaching out to the groups, as required by the obligatory vaccination regime.

The forum especially appreciated the Covid control mechanism in various sectors particularly the implementation of NPIs in Masajid (mosques).

To ensure the public safety and well-being of individuals, as well as the community, the forum emphasized that only fully vaccinated individuals with mandatory mask-wearing be allowed inside the mosques.

The forum appreciated the role of Ulema in ensuring communication and implementation of NPIs. A comprehensive future vaccine strategy was presented before the forum.

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