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Chicago US (Afzal Sodagar): ASFER DEANE, a versatile singer and entertainer has made his way into the hearts of the people of Azerbaijan from his voice. ASFER DEANE has millions of fans, be it in Pakistan or Azerbaijan. ASFER DEANE is a Pakistani singer but the people of AZERBAIJAN also love him a lot. ASFER DEANE performed in the Indian Fashion & Lifestyle Fair at BAKU SPORTS COMPLEX from 26th March to 03rd April 2022. and he wins allots of the hearts of his fans. ASFER DEANE was born on SEPTEMBER 24, 1975 in Karachi, Pakistan. He started his career in Pakistan and his singing career began with the song “DAMAN”. After this song, he settled in everyone’s hearts. Talking about famous Hindi & Pakistani movies songs, ASFER DEANE sung and perform live in allots of TV CHANNELS & FM RADIO shows. Especially in GEO TV, ARY DIGITAL, TV One, HUM TV, and WAQT NEWS. He also performs on the infamous TV Channel IFIR TV Azerbaijan. His performance in the PAKISTANI & AZERBAIJAN FAMOUS TV CHANNELS was also much appreciated. ASFER DEANE has graduated from The Government Premier College and Happy Home Secondary School in Karachi. ASFER DEANE came to BAKU-AZERBAIJAN in 2019 and has worked as a Director in a Trading company besides that he use performed in many live shows of Indians / Azerbaijan and Turkish. He can sing in Urdu/Hindi/English/Azerbaijani and Arabic language. Amercian Journalist Pak American Journalist Club

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