Austria is the top destination for British tourist.


Vienna Austria (by Muhammad  Aslam)  –   Austria is the top destination amongst British tourists according to a new survey. The survey carried out by British newspapers The Guardian and Observer for the Travel Awards 2013 found that Austria was one of the top destinations for British tourists. A ski-resort in Austrian, Carinthia, district Hermagor. It contains over 220 snow machines for creating artificial snow, 110 km of ski tracks and 30 ski lifts. The cable car lift called Millennium-Express takes you up to the top (1.919 meters) in less than 15 minutes- The ski resort ranges on elevation from 1300 meters to 2000 meters above sea level. It is a good destination also for mountain hiking and offers more than 1000 km of hiking ways. There is a lake called Presseger lake nearby, where people can swim in the summer. Austria was followed by Croatia, Turkey and Switzerland in the rankings. The spa town of Bath came out as the favourite British city followed by Edinburgh and York. In the far flung destination category Japan came up tops followed by Peru and Cambodia. In the favourite city worldwide category Tokyo came up top followed by San Francisco and Copenhagen.