Austrian Airline reopen flight to Iran


(Austria Vienna – By Muhammad Aslam): The Austrian airline will begin to fly again to the Iranian capital on 11th March, providing five weekly flights. Flights to Tehran from Austrian Airlines have began again after a year’s interruption of the service following disputes over refuelling in Iran and economic sanctions. The announcements comes as Europe and the US begin to lift sanctions on the country following discussions with Iran about pausing it’s nuclear programme.  The White House released a summary on Thursday of last November’s interim deal between Iran and six world powers, under which Iran agreed to stop production of 20 percent enriched uranium by January 20.

In return some sanctions imposed over the nuclear programme – which Western countries suspect is aimed at developing arms despite Iranian denials – will be relaxed from Monday.The new flight additions will be a particular relief for European business travellers looking to visit Iran as there is currently a shortage of direct flights there from Europe. One carrier departs Vienna at 20:10 and arriving a Tehran at the 03:00 the following morning. Return services leave Tehran at 03:55, arriving into Vienna at 06:00. Last month, Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines indicated it will resume flights by subsidiary Austrian Airlines in March to Tehran.