Bahria Foundation Pakistan agreement with Development Group Karachi


Karachi: Bahria Foundation Pakistan has entered into an agreement with M/s. Development Group Karachi for the marketing and distribution of their newly launched Bahria Paints.

In this regard, an impressive agreement signing ceremony was held today at Bahria Complex, Karachi. The agreement was signed by Cdre (R) Rehan Aziz Khan, Business Head, Bahria Paints Unit and Cdre. (R) Syed Obaidullah of Development Group, which was witnessed by Vice Admiral (R) Azhar Shamim Anwar, Managing Director, Bahria Foundation and Lt. (R) Engr. M. Iqbal Qureshi, Managing Director, Abdullah Group.

Under the agreement, M/s. Development Group would be the authorized sole agents of Bahria Paints. The group would carry out marketing and distribution of Bahria Paints on commercial and industrial levels throughout the country.

Bahria Foundation introduced the paint with a vision to expand paint business to commercial and industrial sectors by supply of quality paints while maintaining effective supply to existing customers like Pakistan Navy and government organizations. Experts says that Bahria paint would have an edge over their competitors as Bahria paint is made keeping in view safety, health and environmental information.