Bashir Akuly Regional Vice President – WMO North America Chapter

154 world Memon Organization

Chicago, USA (by/Afzal Sodagar): World Memon Organization (WMO) North America Chapter is flourishing under the leadership of Mr. Bashir Akuly and his formidable team which comprises stalwarts from several major cities, state capitals, and financial hubs of the United States of America. The team itself is a shining example of uniting all Memons from across this vast nation under the WMO banner, with luminaries from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Dallas, and Houston coming together on a single platform to Serve Mankind. It further endorses WMO as the single, umbrella organization for the global Memon community.

And together they offer steadfast support to the ambitious WMO Food Bank project with the virtuous aim to End World Hunger.

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