Booking Gen Musharraf under Article-6 not revenge but commitment


Karachi: Booking General Pervez Musharraf in the court to face high treason charges under Article-6 of the constitution is not sort of political revenge but it was commitment of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN).

This is for the first time in Pakistan that a military dictator is facing charges of high treason under article-6.

This was stated by the federal railways minister, Khawaja Saad Rafique during a press conference which was held at Karachi Press Club (KPC) on Thursday.

He said General Musharraf is at last has to face legal consequences of his illegal deeds. He said this is a matter of great pleasure for him as a political worker that the room for violators of the constitution is being closed. He said the judges, civil society, journalists, lawyers etc struggled for years for the restoration of democracy in the country. He said it had been a regrettable act for him if action against General Mushrraf was not taken.

He said the general would avail the fullest opportunity to defend himself in front of free judiciary. He said these measures are necessary to be taken so that week political parties can grow in the country. He said the internal filters within the political parties must be allowed to remove reservations of the public besides stopping intervention of military dictatorship in the process.

Rafique said political slavery under political dynasty is not acceptable and one who wants to step in arena of the politics should do it on merit instead to do the same on the name of the dynasty.

He said the fruit of democracy is not ripened in days and the nations who got it reached new horizons of prestige. He said here opportunities were not given to flourish democracy and Pakistan’s current suffering is because of evil deeds of dictators.

He said all political parties have common points of interests and they have healthy environment of competition with each other.

“We were blamed of friendly opposition against Zardari’ government but we differed with its policies but never agitated. The time has proved that it was our right policy,” he commented.

He said the previous practices left a lot of problems behind and his government has to face issues to resolve them during the past five months. He said in the past government corporations had started bleeding due to malpractices and the rulers had started thinking to have right over corruption. He said his government made efforts in its tenure to establish corruption free regime. He said this is the reason as there is no solid allegation of corruption against this government in its tenure.

He said the centre admits the mandates of the provincial governments and attempting to go ahead while joining hands with other political forces. He said Imrkan Khan’s party was allowed to setup government in KPK and nationalists were given government in Balochistan.