Business community assures full support to Police Department


Karachi (PR): The business community has expressed their full support to Karachi police in improving the law & order condition in the city. This was reaffirmed in a meeting held at Federation House with Shahid Hayat, Additional IG Police today who was accompanied by DIGs. The Acting President of FPCCI Mr. Abdul Khaliq Khan, Mr. Gulzar Firoz, Mr. Shaheen Ilyas Sarwana and Mr. Naveed Jan Baloch Vice Presidents of FPCCI, Mr. S. M. Muneer, President Pak – India CCI and former President FPCCI, Abdul Sami Khan, Chairman, FPCCI Standing Committee on Law & Order said that impartial operation of Police and Rangers against the criminals during last two weeks has remarkably improved the law & Order situation in Karachi. They said that the police should also be depoliticized and they also demanded police reforms under Police Ordinance 2002. They have shown their full confidence on the leadership of the Additional IG Police and his team and the people of all walk of life of Karachi have witnessed a great deal of satisfaction.

Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, Mr. Shaukat Ahmed, Mr. Atiq Mir also expressed their point of view and expressed their concerns on snatching of cargo containers particularly in the areas of Kati Pahari, ICI Bridge, Shairshah SITE area. These snatching incidents are so frequent that the insurance companies have declined their insurance on the internal movement of cargo. They further stated that they are still incidents of kidnapping and extortion in the posh and business areas.

While speaking on the occasion the Additional IG Police briefed the business community about the impartial operation against the criminals, he said that there is a drastic reduction in target killings, extortions, and kidnapping. He further informed that in the result of the targeted operation now there is hardly any no go area in Karachi. He expressed his determination that this operation will continue without any discrimination and political influence as this operation has been initiated with the consent of all political parties. He also spoke at length about the unregistered / anonymous mobile SIMs which are the major cause of disturbance of the law & order situation. He further informed that efforts are underway to get all SIMs registered with NADRA.

The AIG Police also pointed out that present strength of the police i.e. 32,000 in Karachi is in sufficient as compare to the largely populated city. However, he said that he has a very efficient and honest police team with him to combat the menace of the law & order. In a query he assured full support of police to the eye witnesses as most of the criminals brought to book for lack of evidence. He also paid tribute to the police personnel who sacrificed their lives to the noble cause of improvement in law & order situation.

The Vice Presidents of FPCCI Mr. Shaheen Sarwana assured welfare to the police personnel by the CSR Department of FPCCI.