Campaign against Drugs in Educational institutions

Lahore (PR):  Drug Advisory Training Hub (DATH) & YOCFAN organized a special program on Campaign against Drugs in Educational institutions at Lahore Learning School, Allama Iqbal  Road Lahore. Students from Fine Arts Department Lahore College for Women University also presented a project on drugs in the said seminar, Syed Zulfiqar Hussain, Consultant, Anti Drug/Narcotics Campaign was the guest speaker. Principal Mr. Hasan Ashrif, Mrs. Samina, and Ms. Areej also spoke on the occasion.
Syed Zulfiqar Hussain said that students and teachers can play a vital role to combat the drug menace in society. He said we are planning to distribute awards to Hero of institutions for those who do a lot in drug demand reduction programs in Educational institutions.  He further said that about 17 institutions have already been declared as Smoke and Drug-Free Campuses in the whole country according to International standards on drug use prevention.
He further said that new trends of drug addiction increasing among students who belong to rich or poor families and different pharmasuctal drugs, ice, LSD, Heroin, Coocken, chars, gutka and answer easily available in the market.

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