Capacity Building Workshop Conducted by CCP in collaboration with the Office of Fair Trade UK for CCP’s Enforcement Staff


ISLAMABAD (PR): The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP), in collaboration with UK AID under its Investment Climate Facility of UK Specialists Expertise (IFUSE) Programme, conducted a 4-day capacity-building workshop for its professional staff.

IFUSE is an initiative of the Department for International Development’s (DFID) aiming to share specialist expertise from across UK Government Departments to support investment climate reform in DFID partner countries. This collaboration began in 2012 and was the initiative of Dr. Joseph Wilson, then Member Mergers & International Affairs and currently the Chairman CCP. The first workshop was conducted in March this year and CCP has the distinction of benefitting from this collaboration twice.

The workshop was conducted by experts from the Office of Fair Trade (OFT), UK. Neda Moussavi, Principal Case Officer and Patrick Coen, Assistant Director of Economics.

The aim of the workshop was to build capacity of the CCP’s enforcement staff in key enforcement areas i.e. abuse of dominance, merger review analysis, and to enable them to learn from international best practices.

Neda Moussavi made presentations on different techniques for merger analysis, how the OFT deals with merger clearance and merger remedies. Patrick Coen’s presentations focused on how to identify instances where a firm was abusing its dominant position, predatory pricing and how to deal with cases where parties refused to supply information.

The closing ceremony of the workshop was held at CCP on Thursday. Speaking at the ceremony the Chairman, Dr. Joseph Wilson thanked the OFT for organizing the workshop and expressed a desire for the continuation of such programmes in the future. He also appreciated the efforts of the CCP’s Office of International Affairs in organizing the training.

The Chairman awarded certificates to the participants and to the officials of OFT.