Career guide expo kicks off on Friday

170 guide expo kicks off on Friday

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, in collaboration with Educational Institutions and EdTech Companies, is organizing the first-ever Career Guide Expo 2022 for students of schools and colleges from 11 to 13 March at Pak China Friendship Centre Islamabad.

According to the Federal Education Ministry, It is the first its kind youth development event at the National level which will provide a platform to put together School & College students, their parents, academicians, career counsellors, eminent scholars higher education institutions and the corporate sector.

It will be a great and unique opportunity for kids to get oriented about numerous fields they have ahead of them. They will broaden their scope beyond traditional professional lines. A special focus also includes inspiring young girls to pursue highly coveted and respectable professions.

Many organizations, from all spectrum of professional circles, will participate and set up 70 stalls, book fairs, food courts, Fun zone, live streaming on social media, one on one career counselling on Education Technology, Social Sciences, Medical Research, Entrepreneurship, Business & Projects Management, Artificial intelligence, Urban Development, Journalism and much more.

In addition, prominent speakers from all walks of life will deliver talks for motivating young students to pursue their careers with passion and diversify their prospects immensely.

The speakers included Dr Amjad Saqib Chairman Akhuwat, Samar Minallah Social worker, Syed Javed Hassan, Chairman NAVTT, Waqas ul Hassan, CEO Karandaz etc.

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