ISLAMABAD: Reports reveal that some posts in the directorate are hereditary and can be occupied for decades. Using the same, some non executive cadre officers belonging to law directorate have gained financial worth beating Malik Riaz, Nawaz and Zardari through purchase and process of thousands of affectees’ plot files misusing and abusing authority which is a trust. They have been removed from the post of DD land several times on corruption and malpractices charges but they sneak in again through one way or the other. Upright member estate had recently refused to Induct such self serving property dealers in the guise of deputy directors and objections were also raised on the floor of National Assembly against their again and again posting in L & R. These officers process their own files only and deny relief to the public even on court orders. Recently,  they allotted plots ( 304-F ………..) to their clients in F-11 and those from public who had got court directions for alternate plots were refused in violation of court orders asserting that ‘they’  and not courts were authorised to allot plots. Honorable director land having disposition of a brilliant and highly qualified officer is being prompted and misguided for self service. A former DD now A.D. is reported to have ontained large number of files through a combing operation and is operating his private land and estate firm in his government office and is rarely available for general public service. His private staff has practically hijacked the directorate for self service. Such officers have swallowed 729 plots of 500 sq yrds each which DHA had to give to CDA in lieu of 2500 kanals of land which was given to DHA near Rawat and Sihala ten years back. When such officers are removed from land and rehabilitation, they use the ill gotten money for earliest return to their lost portfolios and start their struggle ( lobbying) from day first and as soon as they land in the land directorate they change their colours and work on one point agenda of self service. Victims of these civil servants ( grown into serpents through their corrupt practices ) have demanded their immediate removal from CDA service. Coming more soon. Corrective action demanded. For details : Thanks-F N NEWS