Charsadda police intensify operations against criminal elements


Charsadda police led by DPO Charsadda Zaibullah khan are conducting operations against criminal elements.

CHARSADDA (Special Correspondent): According to Global Times Media Report, Charsadda Police intensifies operations against criminal elements.DPO Charsadda Zaibbullah Khan-led operations against criminal elements are ongoing and will continue. District Police officer Charsadda Zaibullah Khan said that there is no place in the area for those involved in drugs and other incidents and the public should support police against these people involved in unfair elements. He said that it was imperative for the police forces to play their due role in curbing crime and other incidents. He said that people and police should play their full role in the restoration of law and order in the area. “Journalists also have a vital role to play in improving law and order,” Charsadda district police chief Zaibullah Khan told the International Global Times Media Europe. Journalists are playing an important role in identifying criminals and anti-social elements to the police which is quite commendable.

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