Children Literature Added in Madrasa Curriculum


Karachi: For the first time in the history of the madrasa schooling system in Pakistan, contemporary children’s literature has been added as a compulsory subject in the curriculum of primary and secondary education. One of the leading madrasas established in the country, Madrasa Jamia-Tul-Iman, Karachi has recently integrated the leading children’s monthly magazine ‘Mahnama Sathee’ in its curriculum prepared for classes 4 to 6. The part of the move is to improve language skills among the schoolchildren and to introduce young minds to both classic and contemporary literature being produced in Urdu language.

In addition to that, special emphasis has been given on letter writing, a unique genre of Urdu literature that is now on the verge of becoming obsolete owing to technological development and digitalization of communication.

Mahnama Sathee’ has been introduced as a compulsory part of school curriculum taught in madrasa to help schoolchildren develop and improve their reading and creative writing skills and to increase children’s vocabulary, self-expression and communication for their intellectual development and growth,” said Mudassir Hussain Ansari, Principal, Jamia-Tul-Iman, Karachi.

Speaking on the occasion, Azam Tariq, Editor, Monthly Sathee said, “It has been more than 39 years since Monthly Sathee started its journey to revive children’s literature in Urdu. Now, its integration as a compulsory subject in Madrasa curriculum happens to be an official acknowledgement given by today’s academic world.”

Established in Orangi Town, Karachi, the Jamia-Tul-Iman offers a smart combination of religious and modern education to children. In terms of religion-based education, it teaches Qur’an recitation with Tajweed, Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, Arabic grammar, Usul al-Tafseer, Ilmul Balaghat, Sarf, Tarjuma-e-Qur’an, Mantaq (logic), etc. Besides focusing on Islamic subjects, the Madrasa also teaches such modern subjects to children as English, mathematics, general science, physics, social studies, and many more.

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