China Business Council (PCBC) which functions under the aegis of FPCCI


Karachi (PR): Pak – China Business Council (PCBC) which functions under the aegis of FPCCI has played a pivotal role in promoting trade and economic relationship between Pakistan and Sichuan province and also with Yunnan province. At the time of the last Western China Fair 2012 in Chengdu, Mr. Tariq Sayeed, Patron in Chief of the Council visited the province of Heilongjiang and discussed matters of mutual interest and also assures that the private sector in Pakistan would like to diversify and look towards other provinces in the Peoples Republic of China for promotion of trade specially towards Heilongjiang province.

As a result of his visit FPCCI/PCBC were able to successfully participate in their annual event known as Harbin Fair with effect from 15 to 19 June, 2012. Harbin is the capital and largest city of Heilongjiang Province in Northeast China, as well as the tenth most populated city in People’s Republic of China . Harbin serves as a key Political, Economic, Scientific, Cultural and Communications hub in Northeast China .

The participants who exhibited their products in the Harbin Fair in June 2012, during the debriefing session in FPCCI had highly acknowledged the efforts made by FPCCI and Mr. Tariq Sayeed for identifying a new venue, which proved very productive and successful for their products. All the exhibitors strongly recommended to immediately reserve space for a Pakistan Pavilion for the event next year which will commence from 15th June, 2013.

Mr. Nasir ud Din Sheikh Chairman, FPCCI standing Committee Fairs & Exhibitions has directed to include Harbin Fair in the calendar of events for the year 2013.