Citizens asked to strictly follow COVID-19 SOPs

107 - 19 SOP

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination has urged the citizens to strictly follow COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to prevent the disease in the wake of a sudden increase in the number of infections in the country.

According to an official of the ministry, the disease expansion had caused a burden on the country’s health system as Covid cases were jumping up for the past few weeks.

He said that keeping in view the disease risk certain restrictions were imposed focusing on high-risk sectors with mass gathering. He said that this time is not of any complacency rather strict compliance of SOPs.

The official said “COVID-19 is a deadly virus, but we can control it just as we controlled it by following the SOPs during the previous waves. We can save precious lives, including those of our near and dear ones by taking preventive measures.”

He said that the COVID-19 vaccine is very effective to protect citizens from medical complications from many virus variants. “Keeping in view the detection of new COVID-19 variants in Pakistan and raising questions about the effectiveness of vaccine process, I advise country people to must go for vaccination against the virus to avoid facing more complications and hospitalization.”

He dispelled this impression that the Sinopharm vaccine is no more available in Pakistan and made it clear that it will be available in the future also in the country. He assured to ensure the use of Sinopharm’s second dose to those who had received its first dose and added that the priority will always be to administer both doses of the same vaccine.

He rejected some media reports on the side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine, terming misinformation. He added the vaccine is the same as being used in many European countries.
He clarified that there were very few side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine and cases of clotting due to it was a rare occurrence. He said that in order to further reduce the chances of clotting from the vaccine, it would be administered only to persons above the age of 40.

He added all of these side effects were mild while 90 percent of the cases pertained to pain at the site of injection and fever while very few cases, which seemed serious, have been investigated and all were found to be accidental and not caused by Covid-19 vaccines.

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