Clarification from Sui Southern Gas Company


KARACHI (PR): This is with reference to the news appearing in some sections of the press with regards to the statements given by the Managing Director, SSGC in the honourable Sindh High Court. The contents appearing in the news item need some clarification in order to present the facts in true perspective.

It must be clarified that MD, SSGC did not say in the Court that the arrangement of gas distribution was wrong.

The MD also said that there should be no issues in the summer season if LNG is purchased for the season.

MD, SSGC clarified that the new gas supply projects located at a distance of a radius of 5 km were not completed due to a slight delay in its funding.

While replying to the Honourable Judge who enquired how much of Sindh gas is being supplied outside the province, the MD without naming any individual said that with the approval of the Federal Government, 15% of Sindh gas is distributed outside the province.

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