Melaka, Malaysia 30 June 2012 – THE closing ceremony of the 12th Melaka International Youth Dialogue was occasioned with many interesting events. The day was kick started with the reading of the draft declaration which was later adopted for implementation. All youth present were energetic and participatory, proving that they indeed heeded to the advices and feedbacks given by various speakers for the past two day.

Participants were later taken to educational field trips to medical schools and hospitals to experience practical medical environments to enhance the already acquired knowledge on health. During the closing ceremony dinner which was officiated by the World Assembly of Youth (WAY) President Hon. Datuk Wira Ir. Idris Haron, participants representatives were asked to recite the declaration. Ms Ediola Pashollari, Secretary General of WAY continued to express her gratitude for the endurance, and spirit of all the participants of the 12th MIYD and praised them for their synergy to have formulated a powerful declaration that is going to help shape our healthcare systems. She also acknowledged the input of all dignitaries, and organisers and she hoped for a continuous link between the youth, WAY, National Youth Councils, Youth Organizations and Government Youth Representative Bodies.

In his speech, the president of WAY encouraged everyone present to take upon the burden of responsibility towards reforming health systems, revamping education systems through the inclusion of sexual reproduction into the curriculums, volunteering to improve health facilities for the undeveloped states, developing infrastructures and offering resources and training especially to the marginalized and rural based youth who lack access to information. He also hoped that the participants will implement the declaration in their localities through youth councils.

The closing ceremony was concluded with a dinner and celebrations by the dignitaries, participants, organisers and volunteers together from around the globe.