CNG Associations rejects strike call by APCNGA


Karachi (PR): The Petrol Dealers Association and CNG Station Owners Association rejected the indefinite strike call by the APCNGA and really regret such announcement for the strike which has miserably failed.

CNG Filling Stations and Petrol Stations in Karachi ignored the strike and remain opened.

We strongly feel that the call for strike by APCNGA was not a wise move in view of the peace and tranquility of the city of the Karachi and such strike call during the forthcoming Eid e Milad celebrations where hectic arrangements for security in the city have been made by the Government would further deteriorate the law and order even the public rejecting the uncalled for strike by APCNGA.

The APCNGA is sending SMS to all their members claiming success of the strike call and stating that Federal Government has intervened giving assurances that gas load shedding will be scheduled in consultation but all this is just eyewash to save face because of the miserable failure of their strike and such falsehood will be revealed very soon. We are putting our all efforts to minimize the gas load shedding in future in consideration with the Sui Southern Gas Company Limited and Ministry of Petroleum.