Melaka, 16 July – THIS evening, a delegation of seven members headed by the newly appointed President, Mr. Akbar Zulfakar from the National Youth Committee of Indonesia (KNPI), paid a courtesy visit to the headquarters of the World Assembly of Youth (WAY).  The delegation was greeted and welcomed by the Secretary General, Ms. Ediola Pashollari.  Both parties exchanged information on past and upcoming events where it was agreed upon that consideration be made towards jointly organizing events focusing on youth issues.

Later on, the President of WAY, Hon. Datuk Wira Idris Haron, joined this visit where he congratulated and thanked KNPI for their support. During this formal visit, discussions were conducted where an official request from KNPI regarding the issue of education for Indonesian citizens residing in Malaysia was brought up. Mr. Akbar mentioned that based on an insight provided by their Embassy in Malaysia, there is a need for their children and youth to be taught basic education from fellow Indonesians. On learning this, Hon. Datuk Wira Idris suggested that more research to be conducted on the percentage of children and youth from different minority groups within the country. Moreover, he suggested that subsequent utilization of the World Youth Institute to provide training on the syllabus and methods of teaching for those intended teachers.

In order to further strengthen the mutual collaboration among both organizations, Mr. Akbar expressed his will on behalf of KNPI to host an International Conference on Education Rights. This conference shall be held in conjunction with the International Youth Day of Indonesia, scheduled to take place on 28 of October this year.  He went on to request for this event to be jointly organized with WAY and all members be invited to participate. Hon. Datuk Wira Idris agreed and requested for a written proposal to be sent to WAY Secretariat for further official proceedings.

This visit proceeded for two hours and was later concluded with a photo session and word of thanks from all present.