Cultural and literary activities are only tool to reduce current political tension:Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan

139 and literary activities

Karachi (PR): President of Culture Literary International Friends Forum(Cliff Pakistan) Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan said that cultural and literary activities are the only tools to reduce the current political tension and it will help to rebuild the soft image of Pakistan globally. This is the only segment that can be helpful to Strengthen the nation. Unfortunately, it was neglected since its inception. He expressed these views while addressing an iftar dinner at Union Club in the honor of Ghulam Yaseen a notable social personality. On this occasion Nawab M Hussain, Syed Qalbe Muhammad, Beenish Abidi, Shahzad Jafri, Khalid Rehmani, Shama Rashid, Sadaf, and other dignitaries were also present. Mujeeb ur Rehman Khan added that cliff will continue its efforts to boost up the cultural and literary activities to break the status quo in our motherland. The induction of Ghulam Yaseen into Our forum will be helpful to achieve our targeted goals. We have already expanded our global network to present a positive image of Pakistan. Ghulam Yaseen greatly admired and appreciated the work of Cliff and said there is a dire need to preserve our national heritage. In the greater interest of the nation, it is the right time to join hands with Cliff for the betterment of our future generations. Khalid Rehmani said that we are very much willing to work with a cliff on this noble cause belonging to the country’s interest. International Coordinator and Spokesperson of Cliff Pakistan Beenish Abidi said that women are the backbone of society and our economy. We should continue our local and international support to groom young talent.

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