Dadu Umme Rubab Chandio’s Emergency Press Conference at Tamandar House Meher


Sindh(PR): According to Report, The case of the triple murder of Dadu Meher Ume Rubab Chandio’s family has been reported. Ume Rubab Chandio expresses concern over PPP Sindh Assembly MPAs Sardar Chandio and Burhan Chandio nominated in the murder of grandfather, father, and uncle. On the occasion of the press conference, Ume Rubab Chandio said that Pakistan Peoples Party Member of Sindh Assembly Sardar Khan Chandio and MPA Burhan Khan Chandio visited her city and threatened it publicly. She said that bringing the tribal chiefs here today is tantamount to harassing us they are misusing bail and tempering the evidence, What was the purpose of bringing people from nearby town Warah to hold the ceremony here? This is neither their constituency but absolutely every citizen has right to go anywhere but they are the parties in the case are on interim bail how can they threat publicly honorable court must consider these things an accused must be punished for such act which is against law, She said in her speech on the occasion of the press conference that this is a conspiracy to tamper the evidence, She said that the state institutions should take note of that. Ume Rubab added that Where is SSP Aijaz Sheikh sleeping? Sindh police are totally politicized, IGP Sindh should take notice If anything happens to us then PPP leaders, Sindh government, IG Sindh police and supporters of the tribal chiefs here in Meher will be responsible, She said “My mother is on Ex Pakistan Leave, due to medical issues and Corona whose she couldn’t come retirement application has been submitted but the relevant department is not accepting her application. We are being pressurized by PPP leadership this is a violation of Human rights Where is Bilawal Zardari who is the so-called Chairman of the human rights standing committee?

Umme Rubab Chandio expressed concern over the MPAs named in the murder of grandfather, father and uncle

At the end of the press conference, She said in an interview with International Global Times Media Europe that MPA Sardar Chandio and Burhan Chandio and their people would be responsible if anything happens to us. She further urged the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Imran Khan and the Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and the Chief justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice against Sardar Chandio and Burhan Chandio and play an important role in providing me justice.

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