Decency or the need! Game of Power


London (A–Haq) Following the politicians, bureaucracy also becomes active to secure their future positions in the name of decency and morality to fulfill personal needs and aspirations; it appears true in the example of Pakistan’s High Commissioner Mr. Wajid Shams ul Hassan’s recent moves. Wajid shamsul Hassan never have had a meeting with any leader or a party worker nor made appearance ever before media.

Resources of UK Times report that apparently it was declared a brief tour of PML leader Nawaz Sharif to UK just for medical Checkup. However, the interesting aspect of the tour is that Mr. Nawaz Sharif accompanied by his spouse had a special meeting with Mr. Wajid in UK.

Nawaz Sharif received by High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hassan
Who will be the next Pakistani High Commissioner in UK ?

Political environment is fast changing in the wake of approaching General Elections in Pakistan Process of shifting loyalties and joining new parties initiates right from party workers, top party leadership, future candidates to the bureaucracy and diplomatic circles.

History of Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s tours to the U.K shows that during the last 5 years Mr. Nawaz Sharif made a number of tours to the UK. but Mr.Wajid never liked to receive Mr. Sharif on the Airport or had a meeting with him.

However in the wake of General Elections in Pakistan, and the hot rumors of Mr. Wajid’s resignation from his diplomatic position this long meeting is being considered quite significant. It is said that the two focused the future diplomacy in UK. but this meeting has given rise to doubts regarding Mr. Wajid’s future needs, aspirations and perhaps demands as well.

With a view to get Mr.Wajid’s point of view the representative of UK Times contacted the High Commission but response remained negative. He was told that Mr. Wajid could not be contacted. The UK Times explains that the meetings of diplomats with politicians and dignitaries are a usual affair but as the tenure of Mr. Wajid as diplomat is over constitutionally his meetings and Pakistan Day’s Dinner arrangements on 26th of March are giving rise to suspicions. Practically the Embassies and High Commissions work under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in this case, they are going to be dissolved by 24th of March; then what’s going to be the constitutional position of Mr. Wajid and his unlawful activities beyond that tenure are the chief concerns of Pakistan High Commission in UK.