During the two months of deployment, the banned organization arrested several terrorist including killing two ISI commanders (Additional IG Sukkur Dr Jamil Ahmed)


KARACHI (pirbuxnoonari) Terrorism is a challenge for us, but conquest is always right. We are working towards all the abilities for the terrorists and ammunitions coming from Balochistan’s mountainous routes, as terrorist organization has broken the network of ISIS. And after the revelations of the arrested terrorists, there has been effective management of check-in on more than twenty more internal and external routes of Larkana and Sukkur, Additional IG Sukkur Region, Dr. Jamil Ahmed, exclusive interview to the representative daily independent state in his office. During the time he said Terrorist Abdul Hafeez Brohi, who was killed by police in Shikarpur last days, was heading in the attack, while the second killed, Abdullah, was playing the role in strengthening his network in Shikarpur. Four more terrorists of the terrorists were arrested What has been done to his dozens of colleagues and many places on which the work continues, he said that the number of carriers of ISIS in Padrap area of ??Shikarpur come from the mountainous streets Attacks on mules bring weapons and ammunitions and crackdowns will be started at any time with other organizations in this regard, Additional IG Sikh Region Dr Jamil Ahmed said during the interview that more than 237 districts of eight districts After the terrorism in Thatta, tribal war is a major problem in which hundreds of people have been killed and are present in thousands of jails, the representative responded to a question of the independent state, saying that those terrorists of ISIS have been killed and arrested. Darga Sihon Sharif Dargah Shah Noorani Shikarpur, Imam Baraga Police Headquarters, Stgrdy violence killed more than 500 people And hundreds of people are involved in injuring, he said, the street crime is almost unavoidable, but in the control of the law and order situation, the police’s current profit is more than 31,000, which is less than 5000 Sindh has been written written in writing. He said that a type of crime called Karnataka, which brings about daily routine events, during the month of deployment of the month, the police personnel did good work. They gave testimonial credentials, while the public complaints received against police officers and officers were also punished contact. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address <editor@enewspaper.com.pk & WhatsApp +923132434567)