Engro Foods highlight the benefits of UHT milk


Karachi (PR): Karachi: Engro Foods announced the launch of their new Olper’s campaign in a press conference on January, 15th, here at a local mall, in the presence of several industry experts and media personalities. ‘Olper’s – a common name in the UHT milk category of the country – unveiled a campaign to educate the masses on the importance of milk consumption as part of a healthy and balanced diet whilst simultaneously highlighting critical issues associated with commonly available loose milk’, the official briefing revealed, here. Ahsan Afzaal Ahmad, Director Marketing Engro Foods said, “Quality of milk is very important, as it dictates our development and growth. To raise awareness among masses on the consumption of quality milk is a national cause, as this is the issue of Pakistan’s future. Unfortunately, this issue has not been given the required attention, either by the government or by the private sector.