EU Air traffic controllers’ on strike


(Austria Vienna – By Muhammad Aslam) The pan-European air traffic controllers strike against planned by the EU unification of traffic ensures on Thursday and Friday for flight cancellations and delays. The AUA parent company Lufthansa sweeps on Thursday twelve flights to and from Vienna, Linz and Graz. The pan-European air traffic controllers strike against planned by the EU unification of traffic ensures on Thursday and Friday for numerous flight cancellations and delays. The AUA is affected by self-reported not by default, but occasionally there could be delays. The airline advises its customers a look at the AUA website.The AUA parent company Lufthansa on the other hand emphasizes on Thursday twelve flights to and from Austria. Except is it just the Innsbruck airport. Specifically, the following flights are canceled: LH1233, LH3089, LH2327, LH3088, LH1234, LH2326, LH1251, LH1250, LH2341, LH1261, LH2340, LH1260. Air passengers traveling to Italy had to suffer on Wednesday with delays and failures. From 19.00 clock on Wednesday evening and air traffic controllers in France wanted to lay down their work.

In a total of twelve European countries are planning unions on Wednesday and Thursday Actions, not everywhere but it comes to work stoppages. German pilots opt out, when flying about over French airspace but can also be affected connections to and from Germany.The main impacts are expected tomorrow for France,” said a spokesman for the European aviation authority euros Control in Brussels with a view to Thursday. The French air traffic control requires information from Euro Control by the airlines to reduce the number of their connections to the Paris airports of Orly, Charles de Gaulle and Beauvais by twenty percent.In Greece it was because of a four-hour strike by air traffic controllers to minor disturbances. On Thursday, the air traffic is to remain largely unaffected in the Mediterranean country. “There will be no strike,” said a spokeswoman for the airport in Athens News Agency dpa. The Greek Union of Air Traffic Controllers (EEEKE) had originally announced its intention to be on Thursday from 10.00 clock und 13.00 clock (CET) participate in the strikes of their European counterparts.In Cyprus, there should be some building noise on Wednesday afternoon. “We are involved with a service to specification between 14.00 und 18.00 clock clock CET on Wednesday,” said the spokesman of the Association of Cyprus air traffic controllers. Let there be reckoned with no failures.The European plans for airspace surveillance, against the target of the protests were marked by “continuing cost reduction,” lamented François Ballestero of the EU Transport Workers Union ETF. “Security is not considered a top priority. We reject staff cuts.” ETF and European pilots union ATCEUC organize the protests. Not everywhere the pilots want to stop working.