Ex-legislators demand judicial inquiry of Baldia Town incident


JI demands one million rupees as compensation for each effecty

KARACHI:13 Sep 12: Former legislators, belonging to Jamaat e Islami, demanded on Thursday, a judicial inquiry of the ‘Baldia Town Incident’ and compensation of Rs 1 million to each effecty.


JI leaders Muzafar Hashmi, Laeeq Khan, Nasullah Shaji, Hameedullah Advocate and Younus Barai, in a joint statement expressed their profound sorrow over the incident, demanded a judicial probe and to publicize the outcomes, besides bringing the responsible to an exemplary punishment.

They said that though departments and laws prevail in the society, there was nor writ of the government, nor any system of monitoring. They added that absence of check & balance resulted in the irreparable loss to the country and the society.

Former legislators raised the point that in presence of about a dozen departments of check and balance for industries with a huge force of officers and personals for vigilance, loss of lives of hundreds of people was evidence on incapability of administration and corrupt governmental system. They also held lack of sophisticated equipments, proper trainings and political recruitments in the civic departments responsible for the worst industrial incidence in the history of Pakistan.

They demanded of the government to pay Rs one million as compensation to each effecty and ensure implementation of all required security measures, industrial laws and factory acts to avoid such type of horrible incident in future.

JI to hold protest rally, demonstration against blasphemous movie

The nefarious blasphemous movie hurt the feelings of about one billion Muslims: Mehnati

KARACHI:September 13, 2012 To condemn the blasphemous movie, made in the United States, Jamaat e Islami Karachi has announced to hold a protest rally and demonstration on Friday (today).

In this regard a protest rally would be taken out at 2 pm from Jama Masjid Alfalah North Nazimabad to Matric board office, where JI Pakistan Amir Munawar Hassan would address the protest demonstration

Meanwhile, in a statement, JI Karachi Amir Muhammad Hussain Mehnati appealed masses to join the protest demonstration so as to record their protest. Condemning the hatred and sentiments provoking measure, Mehnati has said that those powers blame Muslims for extremism and terrorism, were sowing extremism through such type of measures. He said that the US and a part of West were continuously revealing the anti Islamic policies.

He said that any religion of the world doesn’t allow to insult of any personality particularly a prophet. He further said that those attempt to insult the prophet (PBUH) were provoking inter-religion harmony. He further said that sentiments of Muslims had been provoking under a designed conspiracy to destabilize inter faith peace and harmony. He added that a Muslim can never tolerate any attempt to abuse the personality or image of the holy prophet (PBUH). He further said that through such type of nefarious attempts, feelings of about one billion Muslims were crushed.

Commenting over the incident in Libya, he said that it was a logical reaction, for what the US faced in Libya. He further said that the US and the particular mindset, which was the perpetuator would have to face the consequences, if it continue its conspiracies against Islam and Muslims.