Fahad Khan is the only entrepreneurial and visionary young Businessman who is on the rise


LAHORE:(PR): Along with being an entrepreneur, Fahad Khan is a philanthropist and a business strategist who through extensive and thorough coaching helps individuals and businesses experience exponential growth.

Starting his own business venture at the young age of 23, Fahad wholeheartedly believes in empowering and encouraging the youth of Pakistan so that they may reach their maximum potential.  Having formed his company Canada Prime Marketing’s first office in Canada, Alberta in the year 2009, Fahad understands the struggles and strains that early businesses face.

But having an unwavering passion and zest for his work, Fahad now has both international and national offices in Canada and Pakistan and was recognized for his hard work in Edmontonian’s 2014 edition of “Sizzling 20 under 30”. In addition to his personal success, he also had his company Canada Prime Marketing recognized as #1 in Edmonton and #2 in the province of Alberta by Macleans PROFIT500 list of Fastest-Growing Companies in the year 2017.

Being someone who understands how hard the road to success can be, Fahad is focused on creating events for the youth in order to inspire and motivate them. His recent events include a free masterclass, a transformational workshop, and other virtual events. All of which aim to give anyone and everyone around the globe, the opportunity to learn and polish their skills in order to become more successful in both personal and professional lives.

Fahad Khan started his business at the age of 23 and today he is one of the prominent businessmen

Fahad Khan empowering and inspiring the youth of Pakistan (LAHORE) Fahad Khan the CEO and founder of Canada Prime Marketing currently holds his position as a successful motivational speaker and coaching expert for the youth of Pakistan.

Coming from a Pakistani Origin, the Canadian based entrepreneur shares the dream of bringing empowerment and liberation to Pakistani youth. His current coaching expertise includes business coaching, life coaching, and student coaching.

Fahad believes in helping students choose their career paths in accordance with their personalities and psychology and help them with the management of work and routine, making strategies, and developing study skills in order to help them step into the professional life more prepared.

In order to guide the youth in achieving their professional and personal goals, Fahad has developed several in-person and virtual events like masterclasses and transformational workshops in which participants were given interactive and innovative opportunities to explore and learn new skills while developing their already existing talents.

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