Flag Hoisting Ceremony to celebrate the 66th Independence Day of Pakistan by FPCCI


A view of the Flag Hoisting Ceremony to celebrate the 66th Independence Day of Pakistan was performed by Haji Fazal Kadir Khan Sherani, President FPCCI on 14th August, 2012, at FPCCI Head Office Karachi. The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Waseem Vohra, Sardar Shaukat Popalzai and Syed Masood Alam Rizvi, Secretary General FPCCI.

KARACHI (PR): This month, the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) will be organizing its first solo exhibition in India in the city of Mumbai , in collaboration with its counterpart body in India , the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Appropriately titled the “Made in Pakistan Exhibition 2012,” the event will showcase Pakistan ’s key strengths in textile, marble, herbs and medicines, plastics and melamine. The event, which will be held from August 28 to September 3, 2012 at WTC Mumbai, is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan-India trade ties; and marks Pakistan’s first such foray into Mumbai, the heart of the Indian market.

It is believed that FPCCI’s participation this year with a high ranking delegation of 200 exhibitors, led by Haji Fazal Kadir Khan Sherani, President-FPCCI – which include Pakistan’s leading textile giants, such as Bareeze, Gul Ahmed, Al-Karam, Ittihad, Five Star, and Mausummery – will set an excellent precedent for the times to come. It may be kept in mind that these are some of the top brands from Pakistan , and were very popular at the recently concluded exhibition of Pakistani products in April in New Delhi . Indian consumers were most impressed by the style, design and fabric of Pakistani garments, and were left wanting for more, despite the large variety that was being exhibited.

As the apex trade body of the country, FPCCI believes that it is only through trade that greater prosperity and wellbeing will be brought to the people of South Asia . Consequently, FPCCI has been involved over the years in a series of trade promotion activities with India , in view of the fact that India constitutes perhaps the most natural market for many of Pakistan ’s core products. In the past, FPCCI has held successful and widely attended fairs and exhibitions in cities such as Delhi , Chandigarh and Kolkata.

The announcement to hold this event in Mumbai was met with a tremendous response from the entire business community of Pakistan , and approximately hundred stalls were sold out within days. The country’s leading business houses have stepped forward to participate actively in this event. Indeed, the business community from across Pakistan has placed its full confidence in FPCCI to carry Pakistan ’s first such expedition into Mumbai. It can undeniably be stated that the “Made in Pakistan 2012” will carry a fabulous display of the finest products that Pakistan has to offer to the Indian consumer.