Game of mice and cat or Tom and Jerry between PPP and MQM has taken a ridiculous turn


Karachi (PR): Shama Munshi member of pml f media committee has said that the game of mice and cat or Tom and Jerry between PPP and MQM has taken a ridiculous turn on Thursday 21st Feb 2013 when PPP provincial government announced to repeal or abrogate black law of SPLGO 2012 during provincial assembly session. Obviously, it is the victory of inflexible,clear & principled stand of Sain Pir pagara and pml f which raised the slogan of “united Sindh,united Pakistan”. Sain Pir Pagara and pml f ran sindh wide protest movement against this black law and united all sindh friendly forces on one platform to wage fight against the anti sindh forces who had attacked the solidarity & integrity of sindh in the form of SPLGO. ppp is forced to endorse Pml f and it’s coalition partners stand and struggle to save the Sindh. Shama Munshi said that Masses of Pakistan have become quite well aware of the fact now that present tussle between MQM and PPP is an attempt of the Zardari government to hoodwink the people to give the impression as if differences between the two coalition partners have taken a serious turn. As the matter of the fact it was planned game,decision,understanding ,deal, “MUKMUKA” between MQM and PPP to quit each other on superficial issue to give MQM the role of opposition in the assemblies because according to the 18th amendment only both parliamentary leader (Prime minister or chief minister in national or provincial assemblies) and leader of the opposition enjoys this right to nominate the name of interim chief minister or prime minister in the care taking setup before the elections. Sain Pir pagara had already predicted about this expected conspiracy to be fool the masses of Pakistan during his historical record breaking public gathering in Hyderabad on 14th December 2012. MQM should have demanded local bodies elections and ppp should have conducted it rather than imposing a law in the darkness of night upon sindhis to divide sindh rural and urban resources between ppp and MQM. This match fixing was since already exposed by sain pir pagara thus in order to snatch pml f right of opposition in sindh assembly ppp an MQM very craftily repealed the black of SPLGO to switch the sympathies of Mohajirs towards MQM and to again play the sindh card during the elections of 2013. Sham munshi said that this is an pre poll rigging attempt on the part of PPP government to manipulate and upcoming elections by bringing a care taking setup of their choice to get influence on the free and fair elections. People of sindh asks why governor Ishratul Ibad does not resign if MQM has turned against the government? Why Zardari and Rehman Malik not running to London to persuade back Altaf Bhai. Shama Munshi said that PMLF categorically denies to have any sort of alliance with traitor and hypocrite PPP because pmlf alliance with PML N and other coaliation partners is an alliance to distinguish the difference between anti-sindh forces and sindh friendly forces any way in the presence of pirpagara no body dares to divide sindh.