Gandhara Art, Swat Valley photographs displayed at Tsinghua University, Beijing

215 Art, Swat Valley photographs

BEIJING, (APP): China’s Tsinghua University organized an exhibition displaying photographs of Buddhist Gandhara art and the Swat Valley of Pakistan.

The exhibition was held to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.

The exhibition was viewed by Peng Gang Vice-President of Tsinghua University, senior academicians and students from several Chinese think tanks and universities, and representatives of media organizations.

The exhibition in total displayed 30 pictures covering different periods of Gandhara art.
The audience took a keen interest in the photographs displaying South Asia’s second-largest stone-carved Buddha, ancient remains of the Gandhara civilization, and the geography and culture of Swat valley.

The audience noted that photo exhibition would be instrumental to deepen Pakistan-China cultural cooperation and celebrate Gandhara art as the common heritage of the two countries.

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