Gas Theft: SSGC undertakes major raid in Mehran Town


SSGC’s drive against gas theft;

Karachi (PR): SSGC’s Surveillance and Monitoring Department (S&M) recently undertook a major raid on direct use of gas in Mehran Town located in Karachi’s Korangi Industrial Area. The S&M field staff observed that approximately 50 to 60 meters were installed through which unmetered gas was being supplied directly to approximately 1,500 houses in the vicinity through Tee Connections and rubber pipes.  The crackdown was part of SSGC’s bigger plan aimed at reducing Unaccounted for Gas (UFG) by taking systematic raids against unregistered customers found using gas directly through rubber pipes or fake meters.

In order to check unauthorized consumption, the Company had already installed bulk meters in the area that helped to ensure proper recording and calculating lost volume against UFG or unregistered gas consumed, on which the Company claims relief from OGRA in UFG penalties imposed by the Authority. In monetary terms, every 1% increase in UFG reduces SSGC’s profits by Rs. 1.3 billion plus the cost of gas.

The area is dominated by different power groups and political parties who exercise their influence in the locality’s different lanes and bi-lanes.  It was discovered that power groups take Rs. 1,500 for each connection and Rs. 500 per month as monthly bill from unregistered customers.

Gas theft, along with leakages and meter tampering contribute towards UFG since OGRA takes away substantial chunk of the Company’s profits.