Government of Sindh to announce the date of LB elections


KARACHI: The PML (F) has demanded the government to announce the date of LB elections as early as possible as masses are being deprived of their rights.

This was stated by secretary general PML(F and Sindh assembly member Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh . He said this while talking to AINA on Sunday.
He said poor people of Interior Sindh have been deprived of their basic rights particularly the health sector.
The PML(F) President Halim Adil Sheikh talking to AINA said that government should immediately announce the date of local body elections.
Function was ready to contest elections all over Sindh.
He said PML(Q) will fully participate in LB elections all over the country .
In near future all religious parties functional in Karachi will hold a meeting to evolve a consensus to contest local body elections with seat adjustments or jointly.
According to informed sources the , consensus looks difficult as every party has its own stake, but this time sources said chances are bright that they might come out with some solution.
The place of meeting will be known later.
One of the leading party Jamat-e-Islami (JI) had decided to contest elections and they have demanded that LB elections be held under the supervision of army.
Sources said delimitation issue of Karachi in the meeting will also be discussed in detail and this issue will also be discussed with Election Commission Pakistan .
All the parties sources said have a consensus that government should immediately announce the date of LB elections as it has already been delayed more than five years.
These parties have also recalled to Chief Justice of Supreme court of Pakistan that if provinces do not announce the date of LB  election than he should announce the date of elections .
Sources said these parties will also try to evolve a consensus that LB elections held on non party or party basis.
These parties sources said that empowerment of power at grass root level has now become very essential and common citizens are daily running pillar to post for the solution of their day today problems.
The sources said PPP do not have any intention to hold local body elections as well as it former coalition partners.
It may be recalled here that PPP and MQM despite being a coalition partner had lot of meetings to hold LB elections but failed to come to conclusion.
The PPP demanded that LB elections be held under the 1971 LB Ordinance and Muttahida demanded  that LB elections be held under LB system of 2001.
This brought these two parties at polls apart.
The PML(F) had other some serious differences and said the new local government system would divide Sindh and thye detached themselves from the government .

The government came under pressure through demonstrations and strikes all over Sindh and finally repealed to the new local government system passed the previous tenure of PPP.

Muttahida had also made a demand that present local government system be retained and some amendments be made.
Former city nazim and now MQM senator at that time had suggested that traffic police be given under the command of City nazim but this suggestion could not be materialized.
The religious parties in general election of May 11 contested elections separately and failed to win even a single seat from Karachi , though claimed of rigging in elections.