Government plan for clash with the Judciiary – Liaqat Baloch,


LAHORE, Aug. 7:  Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has said that the government’s plan for a clash with the judiciary would be foiled by the parliamentarians themselves.

The members of the parliament from the ruling parties as well as the opposition wont sign the death warrants of the democratic, parliamentary system and those trying to disgrace the judiciary would be singled out, he said, while addressing an Iftar dinner in the city on Tuesday.

He said that the federal and the provincial governments had failed miserably and fresh elections were the only way to improve the situation and give a new hope to the masses, and added that transparent and impartial election would guarantee national security.

Liaqat Baloch said that nature had blessed the country with abundant resources but the corruption and bad governance of the rulers had put it on the path of ruin.

He stressed upon the governments to take solid and quick measures to solve the energy crisis as artificial steps could not give a boost to the industry, agriculture and trade in the present situation.

Concrete measures should also be taken for the security of the life, property and honour of the masses, especially the businessmen and industrialists, he added.

The JI Secretary General underlined the need for strengthening faith especially during the month of Ramadan and said this could help solve the problems of the Ummah and put the Muslim world on the path of progress and prosperity. 

He referred to the battle of Badar and said this historic battle between the forces of Islam and Kufr made it clear that the nations standing firm on their principles and upholding the banner of dignity and valour alone would gain victories.