Gwadar to serve as trade corridor for Central Asian, East Asain, Gulf


ISLAMABAD: Economist Dr Saboor Ghayur has said regional trade is very important for the development of business activities.

Talking to a private news channel, he added Pakistan’s trade with regional countries including India and Afghanistan will be very beneficial for it.

He said that the Pakistani exporters will get the market of one billion people as a result of trade with India.

He said if we export goods directly to India then the cost of transportation will be very less than by sending the goods through a third country.

To a query, Mr Saboor said Pakistan can provide trade link to China and other countries for the export of their goods.

He added that Pakistan can earn one billion US dollars by providing trade corridor to regional countries.

He said Central Asian Countries can get shortest possible trade route through Gwadar port.

Head department of International Relations, National Defence University Islamabad, Dr Muhammad Khan also said Gwadar port can act as bridge between Central Asia, East Asia and Gulf.

He added Gwadar port has very important strategic location for the promotion of regional trade and it can serve as trade corridor for the entire region.