Hajj Group organizers to get better facilities for hujjaj and get resolved the problems facing them and Hujjaj as well – Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan


KARACHI, April 9 (PR)   Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan has underlined the need for collective efforts by Hajj Group organizers to get better facilities for hujjaj and get resolved the problems facing them and Hujjaj as well.  

Speaking as Chief Guest at a reception in the honour of a group of hujjaj performing haj in last year ,  which was hosted by the Citizens’ Social Forum led by Masood Ahmed Siddiqui, said a release here on Tuesday.

He assured his full cooperation in getting better facilities and government support for hujjaj and the group organizers.

Prominent builder Muneer Sultan , Haj Group Organizer Siddique Ahmed Meher Illahi, Resident Editor , daily Naee Baat, Maqsood Yousifee , Chairman , Citizen’s Social Forum Masood Ahmed Siddiqui were also present.

Senator Abdul Haseeb Khan was of the view that such people are at the helm of affairs of the country who lacked the capacity and intention to resolve the social and economic problems of the common man. 

 “ We have made masters of  our fate those who do not deliver,” he remarked.

Being a Senator, he would be raising his voice against all kind of social and economic injustice to the people.

He regretted that even those making hue and cry over deteriorating economy of the country do not stand firm and do not support his efforts aimed at it revival and strengthening.

He maintained that some Hajj Group Organizers  seemed not serious in addressing Hujjaj’s grievances and in getting better facilities for them especially in Saudi Arabia.

 Responding to the complaints from hujjaj about apathetic attitude of ‘ khudam’ , Senator Haseeb suggested, all hajj groups would have to stand together and convince

the Government that  the ‘khudam’ should be appointed with consultation of hajj group organizers and that the government should bear all expenses of the  khudam.

He urged for search of  livelihood by legitimate means so that our prayers especially during haj are accepted and the individual and collective problems as a nation are resolved and our country may prosper.

Head of KK Group of Builders and Contractors Muneer Sultan appreciated the Citizens’ Social Forum’s  promotional services for hujjaj for last six years and offered his cooperation to it.

He was also confident that Senator Abdul Haseeb would play an important role for betterment of hujjaj.

Resident Editor of daily Naee Baat, Maqsood Yousifi congratulated those performing hajj last year and said those serving hujjaj do earn good for themselves in this world as well.

Haj Group of Organizer Ahmed Fazal Illahi emphasized on sending right persons as khudam who are committed to guide and serve the hujjaj. 

He suggested that the Government must take into account their performance while allotting haj quota to Haj Goup Organizers.

He pointed out that the Government makes announcement every year to increase haj quota but it is not implemented.

He said the supreme objective before his firm was to serve hujjaj and get better facilities for them.