Heaven on Earth – Lembah Spa, Viceroy Bali Indonesia


Lembah Spa, Viceroy Bali Indonesia


Built on top of a gorgeous valley with spectacular views overlooking the Petanu River gorge, Lembah Spa is considered one of Bali’s most tranquil settings, the perfect location for the pursuit of health and well being.


Treatments have been meticulously developed combining Western knowledge with traditional, time-honored Balinese wellness techniques handed down over centuries. Bali has also been a crossroads for spa practices with a variety of techniques from Asia and Europe. Considered the finest Ubud spa, Lembah’s local therapists as an example have been professionally trained over the years by accredited Swiss therapists.


The Lembah Spa facilities include:

  • Beautician room

  • Hair treatment room

  • Single massage room

  • Double massage rooms with showers; one with a double bath

  • Steam room

  • Cold plunge pool

  • Sixty-eight jet therapeutic American Jacuzzi

  • Change room with individual security closets

  • Private showers and rest rooms

  • Relaxation decks overlooking the Petanu Valley

After your massage or body treatment is complete, you want to spend some time unwinding and revelling in the blissful happiness of your session. At Lembah Spa, they have thoughtfully allocated two relaxation decks for all our spa guests. Rest in comfortable lounge chairs, sip on a tea or juice and admire the lush scenery of the Petanu Valley. Take your time when at the relaxation deck. After all, it is part of your pampering spa treat at the Lembah Spa.