Higher Education System needs reforms said Hafeez


Lahore : There is a dire need to bring revolutionary reforms in higher education system to put the country on road to progress. Punjab University Sociology Professor and former principal Aitchison College Dr Muhammad Hafeez said that proper management of workload of teachers, increase number of teachers in proportion to workload with a focus on research on indigenous issues, keeping the number of BS students at minimal levels in universities, reduce the number of students in M.A programmes and M-Phil programmes should be the main features of reforms.


He said that Ph.D programmes should be focused on increasing research output, adding that universities of public and private sectors should emphasize quality and not quantity, while the standard of higher education must be raised.

He added that admission criteria of public sector universities was not appropriate in accordance with the needs of the modern era as it did not evaluate capabilities of the students belonging to diverse backgrounds. To a question regarding international affairs, he said the economy of United States of America (USA) was declining as about 25 countries have ruled out dollar for trade which caused 0.7 percent decrease in US economy.