Lahore, October: Teena by Hina Butt is a prominent women’s wear brand which is creating waves in pakistan. in an extremely short period of time, teena by hina butt has developed a true niche for herself with her trendy and cutting edge designs, and her fashion-forward aesthetic.

“I am a big believer in fashion which enhances one’s personality and helps one feel better about themselves,” said Hina Butt, CEO of the label Teena which is easily and by far one of the most visible and powerful fashion labels around. “For me, fashion is all about injecting some oomph and adventure into one’s wardrobe and one’s life.”

The Teena by Hina butt Eid collection is based on an extensive range of semi formal and formal wear which is inspired from the baroque era and from the idea of European opulence. Hina Butt was impressed by the grandeur of the baroque era and by the attention paid to detail at this time, be it in the beading and detailed embellishments or be it in the drapery of chiffons and silks.

 “The Baroque era is about making women feel like queens,” said Hina Butt, when describing her inspiration behind the latest collection. “It’s about using fabrics, and sequins to create a look which is regal, royal and truly splendid.”

The semi formal and formal collection teena by hina butt is putting forth for eid is based on teena’s extremely succesful bridal collection which was also based on the baroque era. but of course the eid collection is a much pared down and simpler version of the previous bridal extravaganza.

“FOR the Eid collection, I have used a huge variety of rich colors such as navy blue, deep purple, fresh plum and emerald green,” said Hina Butt, the CEO and head designer for Teena by Hina butt. The collection is based on a simpler and in some ways more elegant version of her bridal range.

“I am hoping that my collection gets the same positive response we received on last Eid when our designs were sold out in minutes,” said HINA BUTT. “I have tried to keep the embellishments minimal and give a more modern look to the overall feel of the collection.”

The silhouette for this collection is flowy giving it a more elegant and rich look. The fabrics are mix of chiffons and net with finishingS of pure chamoze.

The Baroque inspired theme is stocked at PFDC (Mall One) and fashion Pakistan lounge. The collection is based on a reasonable price range from Rs 18000/- to Rs 30000/-.


About Teena by Hina Butt: Designer Hina Butt having a passion for fashion is the fresh addition to the Pakistani industry. With her unique and youthful designs, she has gained success in a short period of time and will soon be achieving heights in the years to come.